• What I should do if I can’t access my account?
    You will have the authorization problems in a few cases:
    1. You’re entering the wrong password;
    2. You’re entering the wrong e-mail address;
    3. Your profile isn’t validated.
    In the first two cases, try to re-enter information, or click a password reset. And, if the system is showing the mеssage “your account is not validated”, it means that you do not pay attention to our email with the message containing the account activation link. In this case, search in your e-mail inbox the mail from us with the account activation link and click on it, or write us the request of the account activation link.
  • How many classifieds can I add to the site?
    The quantity of free classified ads on our site is unlimited. However, you should avoid to add the double classifieds. When posting ad, first of all, you should remove the old one and then add the new post.
  • How many photos can I add in classified?
    You can add maximum 9 photos in one classified.
  • I have registered new classified on the site but it’s not visible, what is the reason?
    After the registration of your classified, it has to pass through moderation, and that requires a maximum of 24 hours. You will receive a notification by email about the status of the application after completion of moderation. If your application at this time is not reflected in the "My Classifieds" section, it means that your classified was not validated. This happens when your classified does not comply with the regulations of our site.
  • What does the classified code or ID mean?
    Each classified has a corresponding unique code, which can be found under the title of the ad. For example: GEO123456
  • How can I find a classified?
    You can find desired classified by entering the appropriate word or classified ID number in search field.
  • What does mean your profile is blocked?
    If the system tells you that your profile is blocked, it means that you will not be able to post any classified on the site, because your actions were contrary to the rules of our site. In such case, you should contact us by contact form of the site and confirm that in future you’ll follow the site's rules and will use our resources according them. The restoration of the profile in case of repeated blocking for the same reason is paid, so please carefully review our policies in order to avoid the possibility of blocking.
  • What should I do if someone used my personal information in his statement without allowаnce?
    If you discover that a third party disclosed your personal information, write us the code of classified, and prove that the details in the classified belongs to you. Or abuse the classified, and our operator will contact you, to verify the information. After which a decision about deleting or changing the information in the classified will be taken.
  • How can I contact with author of the classified?
    You can contact the author via the phone number indicated in the application, or if the phone is not set, you can write an email by Mail sending function (follow the link in the contact section "send an email").
  • When should I use the "report abuse"?
    If you find that the person or company is publishing incorrect information, or classified reflect the offensive context (or any other violating action), you can report abuse, and our operator will check the information provided by you, after which we will take the appropriate action.
  • What does the online shop mean?
    Online shop is the space where you can gather the group of your classifieds and make with them your own store. There will be your company logo, address and a short description. You can select classifieds that you want to link to your online store. As the function of online shop make give the opportunity to the customer see together all your classifieds, this is the good way to optimize the popularization of all your products.